Artificial Climbing Wall Pricing

Standard size of Artificial Climbing Wall is 22 Feet. We can cutomise the design of the wall as per your requirement.

Climbing Wall has revolutionized the niche sport of climbing and transformed it into an incredibly popular mainstream recreation.Our huge variety of exciting and colorful challenges have made climbing attractive and accessible to everyone.

Climbing wall is made of angle steel, reinforced fiberglass plastic, reinforced polyester, UV resistant.

Climbing wall comes in attractive shapes and colors, can be customized. It is light weight, Weather Resistant, Corrosion Resistant. It is Easy to install at both Indoor & Outdoor.

  • Payment Terms : Only Pay 300000 advance to confirm the order Rest Cash on delivery.

BUY Now ₹ 950000
Given price inclusive of taxes. Shipping Charges extra chargable as per actual.

How it works?

climbing wall can be a great introduction to rock climbing or an excellent way to improve your skills in the off-season.Rock climbing combines strength, control and finesse in one exciting sport.
Rock climbing is a little like skydiving. Both rock climbing and skydiving have an element of danger. Both are sports where people participate mostly for their own personal satisfaction, these sports do not offer much for spectators. And both are sports where potential participants either “get it” or they don’t.

Technology we use !

Technology we use !

The entire climbing wall framework and surface paneling will be manufactured using welded steel. Surface panels will be prefabricated using 2” angle material. The structural framework of the climbing wall will consist of welded Hollow Structural Section.

At the base of all our Custom Climbing Walls is a free-standing and self-supporting steel frame. Constructed of custom engineered square tube and angle steel, our unique steel framing system allows your wall to take on nearly any shape, at any angle, at any height. Not only is our framework custom designed for your installation, our walls have more steel framing than a lot of other contractors.

Harness System

Harness System

As you can see in the picture, We use harness system, equipped with air craft seat belt buckles and nylon tape. Our harness is reinforced with nylon thread and made on Japanease JUKI machines.


We Provide free installation and training.