Product Return Policy

We know that a Zorbing Product is a big purchase for your family, and we want to be certain it lives up to your expectations and we want to be certain it lives up to your expectations. That's why we offers a 10-day money back guarantee, letting you trial your Zorbing at home risk free. Why do we do this? Because we sells direct to the public and doesn't have expensive retail locations, it's not always possible to view a Zorbing Product before purchasing. We therefore provide a 10 day money back guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with the overall quality of the product and are happy with your decision. We guarantee that if it doesn't meet your quality expectations, and your family is not happy with it, you can send it back - no questions asked. We'll refund your purchase after deducting your freight both ways. Why can we do this? Because we have thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased under our 10-day money back guarantee, and we haven’t yet had a Zorbing Product returned ! Naturally, there are some terms and conditions which are listed below.

  1. Return should be take place within 10 days of purchase.
  2. Product should be unused and packed in original box without any damage.
  3. We will charge to and fro freight charges for the returned product and refund the balance amount.
  4. Return should be arranged by the customer not by us.
  5. Refund will took place only after the product reach our warehouse in unused condition.
  6. Once product receive the refund process will took 48 hours.
  7. For an questions/clarifications regarding this policy, please contact us at