Personal Transporter Pricing

Every second you spend sitting in traffic is time you can’t get back. Stop wasting time in your car sucking in exhaust fumes. Get a Personal Transporter and take back your most valuable asset. You can thank us later.

Increase Productivity, Save energy and have some fun. THE Personal Transporter’s Impressive speed, range and maneuverability will transform your travels. Moving throughout the warehouse floor will feel less like work and more like play. Commuting to work or class ? the Personal Transporter zips you from where your are to where you want to be – No Sweat! Empower yourself to travel Indoors, Outside Or Just about anywhere. The Compact Design, Zero turn radius and Emissions will have you wondering how you ever managed without a PT.

  • Payment Terms : Only Pay 50000 advance to confirm the order Rest Cash on delivery.

BUY Personal Transporter ₹ 140000
Given price inclusive of taxes. Shipping Charges extra chargable as per actual.

How it works

Unlike a car, the Personal Transporter only has two wheels — it looks something like an ordinary hand truck — yet it manages to stay upright by itself.

To move forward or backward on the Segway, the rider just leans slightly forward or backward. To turn left or right, the rider turns the right handlebar forward or backward.

This balancing act is the most amazing thing about the Personal Transporter, and it is the key to its operation.



    • Samsung 48V Li-Ion Battery
    • Wide array of colours
    • Digital display with speedometer
    • 2 wireless remote controllers
    • Front and back LED lights
    • Anti Theft
    • Handle Pouch
    • Towing Mode
    • New Stand
    • Speed Control
    • Max. Driving Speed: 18Km/h
    • Max. Climbing Angle: 30 Degrees Tire
    • Wheel: 2 x 19″ Tubeless Tire for Off-Road Driving
    • Weight: 47 kg
    • Quality Brushed DC
    • Motor Max Range after full charge: 35 Km
    • Fully Charged Time: 6-7 Hrs
    • Max. Load Weight: 130 kg
    • Warranty Period: 12 Months
    • Max. Load Weight: 130 kg


This is step by step video of Personal Transporter installation. Any one above 15 years of age can do the installation within 30 minutes. Installing the Bungee Run is equal fun.