Bungee BasketBall Pricing

Imagine running at full speed only to shoot his or her basketball into the hoop at the end of the lane before being pulled back with a large rubber band attatched to your back! Perfect for people who always wanted to try bungee jumping but are afraid of heights. Two people race, whoever gets the basketball into the hoop at the end first wins! Great for both indoor and outdoor events!

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BUY Bungee Basketball ₹ 120000
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How it works

Put your strength and stamina to the test with this exciting adrenaline fuelled activity. It’s fast, furious and great fun! Ideal for team building events or it’s a knockout contests.
Each contestant attaches a body harness before attempting to run as far as he/she can to shoot his or her basketball into the hoop at the end of the lane before the bungee cord catapults them back to the start. Race against each other to see who can place the Ball in the Hoop along the centre wall before losing their footing.



We ship one HI Speed Air pump , one bungee cord set, 2 harnesses with each bungee basketball.


This is step by step video of Bungee Basketball installation. Any one above 15 years of age can do the installation within 30 minutes. Installing the Bungee Run is equal fun.